Gabriel Rodriguez

Gabriel Rodriguez

Material Development Engineer

Gabriel, a dedicated Material Development Engineer, leads pioneering research, optimization, and testing of cutting-edge materials at Figure Engineering. His primary focus lies in the creation of highly specialized materials, addressing unique needs that surpass commercial options. With a wealth of experience in photopolymers, Gabriel has been instrumental in the development of a novel chemically resistant SLA resin tailored for masking applications within Figure Engineering.

Beyond his role at Figure Engineering, Gabriel has delved into innovative alternatives for traditional Lithium battery manufacturing. He’s successfully explored the use of photopolymer binders, replacing conventional options for anodes and cathodes, showcasing his commitment to pushing the boundaries of material science.

Gabriel holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland, where his academic journey emphasized a strong foundation in Material Science with a complementary focus on Electrodynamics.

While Gabriel thrives in the lab, he maintains balance by embracing the outdoors and the gym. As a lifelong material artist, he continuously explores various disciplines. Apart from his work, Gabriel enjoys DJing for leisure and finds relaxation indoors with video games and movies.