Canine Chemical Collective Protection System

The LifeLiner™ system works to protect canines from CBRN threats by sealing and pressuring dog crates with filtered air. MWDs are deployed in the thousands alongside military personnel in all branches of the US military. Working dogs are also used by first responders in chemically hazardous environments where LifeLiner could be easily integrated.

The system is designed to fit over most dog crates. The LifeLiner has 2 main parts, the ventilation pack that provides the filtered air, and the attached soft-sided shelter that installs over and seals up the dog crate.


There are currently around 2700 active-duty military working dogs serving in the US armed forces around the world.


Product Features

  • Units can be assembled in one minute.
  • Compatible with commercially available and widely used respirator filters.
  • Unit packs down and has a low weight.
  • Built to accommodate COTS MWD crates.
  • Created with chemically resistant and rugged materials.

Technical Specifications

Description Capabilities/Value
Power Requirement System uses 12VDC power supply.
System weight System weighs 45 lbs.
Airflow System has an airflow of 8.5 cfm.
Compatible Filters System can use C2A1 canisters, FM61 filters, and adapters available for other commercially available filters.
Shelter Volume The systems dimensions are 25” W x 29” H x 40” L.

Product Benefits

  • Unit provides chemical protection for canine first responders and military personnel.
  • Units can be quickly deployed in an emergency.
  • Units can be stored compactly and with minimal logistical burden from either weight or additional filters to be held in stock.
  • Low DC power requirement lets units be powered easily in most any environment.

The ventilation pack has 6 threaded ports that accept standard 40mm NATO gas mask threaded filters or can be used with 3M filter adapters that convert filters with the 3M style bayonet connection to the 40mm NATO threads. LifeLiner is designed to use the same filters the DoD and police force uses.

The clean side plenum has filter material to try and dampen the sound level and diffuse the incoming air throughout the crate. The filter plenum and clean-side plenums are both mounted to a backing plate that also clamps and seals the soft-sided shelter to it. The soft-sided shelter is that same fabrics used in MOPP gear; a liner of nonwoven front laminated to activated carbon spheres and bonded to a tricot knit , and an outer layer of 50/50 nylon/cotton ripstop material with a durable water repellent finish. The soft-sided shelter is 2 parts that zipper together with waterproof zippers to make it easier to install over the create. Windows were installed in the sides and front of the soft sided shelter, and a front zipper door for crate access.