Rapidly Deployable Maintenance Structures

ARMS is a rapidly deployable, hangar sized, Low-observable (LO) paint capable maintenance booth. It is designed to meet all UFC ventilation requirements and is compliant with NESHAP 319 environmental regulations. Sized to accommodate F-22 and smaller aircraft, it is designed to be rapidly assembled by 8 maintainers in approximately 10 days using simple hand tools and readily available lifting equipment. It is designed to be air-liftable, enabling maintenance in austere locations, and ensuring continuous maintenance capabilities in stateside locations during permanent facility (MILCON) procurement. ARMS brings safe, depot quality maintenance to the point of need anywhere in the world without the high-cost and long timelines of massive construction projects.

The Personnel Decontamination System (PDS) is a turnkey, bolt-on system that provides instant UFC compliant transition and decontamination facilities to new and existing maintenance facilities. It is containerized, prepackaged, airliftable, requires minimal labor to place, and has all equipment preinstalled and immediately ready to use. It is configured to accept utilities from multiple sources making it an ideal system for both austere and fixed base use.


Product Features

  • Rapid assembly within 10 days by 8 personnel.
  • Designed for CAT 3 hurricanes.
  • Fully sealed structure with a 3-stage NESHAP-319 compliant filter array.
  • System packageable for freight by C-17 Globemaster.
  • Structure designed for heavy snow load.

Technical Specifications

Description Capabilities/Value
Capacity volume large enough to support F-22 and support equipment

Product Benefits

  • System can be rapidly deployed to and in any environment.
  • Sealed building allows for work under chemical and environmental contamination.

Prototype Fielded by the 27th Special Operations Maintenance Squadron at Cannon AFB. With this effort, the PDS decontamination and transition technology achieved a Technology Readiness Level of 8 and is now available for procurement activities. The ARMS deployable hangar system achieved a Technology Readiness Level of 6.

The PDS deployable transition room system is proven, economically justified, and ready to manufacture and purchase. We will continue efforts to help the Air Force procure and operationalize this technology.


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