Compact Rapid Sulphur Detection Equipment

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology is an established method used to measure total sulfur content in jet and diesel fuels. Current XRF sulfur analysis equipment is large and difficult to transport. PULSAR will be a compact handheld sulfur monitor for use in field monitoring of sulfur content in diesel and jet fuel.

The PULSAR system is for portable use onsite that greatly eases and accelerates analysis of sulfur petroleum products. Whereas incumbent lab analysis is labor intensive and requires days for transport and sample handling, PULSAR provides necessary information about fuel performance in minutes at the location of sampling.

The maximum allowable ppm of sulfur in diesel is 15ppm as regulated by the US EPA.


Product Features

  • Sulfur detectable with system as low as 15ppm.
  • Testing results available within minutes.
  • Compact and portable battery-operated design.

Technical Specifications

  • Current system in active development final values to change.

Product Benefits

  • System can provide in the field testing results in minutes rather than having to wait weeks for lab results.
  • Fuel acquired in deployed countries can be tested to assure it meets domestic fuel standards.
  • Reduced chances of contaminated fuel entering vehicles which reduces lifespan of components.

All branches of the US military are required to abide by US fuel standards where possible while deployed adequate and frequent testing of acquired fuel is required. PULSAR would expedite that testing and reduce logistical burdens.

The approach for the PULSAR unit builds upon the Continuous Hazardous Environment Monitor (CHEM) previously developed by Figure Engineering which successfully demonstrated the ability to measure cadmium and chromium concentrations in air samples using XRF technology.


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