Hazardous Material Airflow Migration Monitoring and Mapping

Dust and Aerosol Migration Mapping™ (DMM) is an engineering service that measures, analyzes, and characterizes respirable hazardous dust and aerosol movements within closed environments. This allows for rapid visualization of migration pathways, stress-free management-of-change, and simple spot check monitoring for long-term maintenance.

Chromium dust is 8x more likely to cause cancer than asbestos. Hazardous dusts containing chromium and cadmium are generated during common industrial processes, including media blasting, grinding, sanding, and welding, and migrates far from the source. Swipe sampling and other conventional dust migration measurement methods are frustratingly unreliable and unhelpful for dust exposure mitigation.

Figure Engineering’s Dust & Aerosol Migration Mapping™ technology makes migration measurement reliable and meaningful. The result is rapid visualization of migration pathways, stress-free management-of change, and simple spot check monitoring for long-term maintenance. Dust & Aerosol Migration Mapping can satisfy OSHA requirements for remedial action following a citation and can proactively protect Voluntary Protection Program status.


Product Features

  • Characterize dust and aerosol migration patterns for hazardous materials such as Chromium, Cadmium, Beryllium, Lead, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Ability to identify unknown generators of hazardous dusts.

Technical Specifications

Description Capabilities/Value
Testing time Full mapping of duct migration takes 3 weeks.
Detection limit Detection of dust particulate down to 0.050ug.

Product Benefits

  • Provide empirical data for management-of change evaluation.
  • Provide long-term process control.
  • Help establish regulated area boundaries.
  • Satisfy OSHA requirements for remedial action following a citation.
  • Protect VPP status of facility.
  • Supplement or replace existing monitoring programs using ASTM D6966 (General Metals), ASTM E1728 (Lead), ASTM D6480 (Asbestos), and NIOSH 7702 (Lead)

Industrial and Sustainment Applications examples include media blasting, sanding, grinding, abrading, welding, painting, mining, underground excavation, plating and stripping.

Nanotech and Biotech Applications examples include nanoparticle and composites fabrication, clean rooms, fume hoods, and healthcare facilities.


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