Dry Ice Low-Noise Blast Nozzle

Dry Ice Blasting is a technology with many great benefits and one major drawback, the noise produced by the process. While the technology provides major cost and labor-saving benefits to those using it, it is regularly heavily restricted or blocked from use by Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) groups because sound levels up to 130 dB. Figure Engineering is addressing this by adapting our StealthStrip™ low-noise nozzle technology originally developed for abrasive blasting for use in dry ice blasting, removing the barrier from groups looking to reap these benefits.

By addressing the noise, Figure is improving existing processes and allowing the process to be used in new applications. Anyone already using dry ice blasting can benefit from lowering their noise levels to achieve longer allowable use times, lessening the risk of employee hearing damage, and reducing noise pollution. Those barred from using the process previously can now reap the benefits of this unique process, including the cost and time savings that current users experience.


Product Features

  • Stealthstrip is a low noise system in comparison to traditional nozzles.
  • Stealthstrip serves as a direct nozzle replacement with no loss in performance.

Technical Specifications

Description Capabilities/Value
Pressure ranges Available in pressure ranges from 30-150psi
Threading Threaded in 1-1/4” x 11.5 NOSM, 50mm contractor
Noise reduction As much as 15dB reduction in noise observed.

Product Benefits

  • Noise reduction can bring facilities in compliance with regulations.
  • Noise reduction can reduce sound related injuries such as tinnitus.

Use cases for Stealthstrip include abrasive media blasting facilities at all sustainment depots (Air Force, Army, NavAIR, NavSEA, NDIB).

Production of jet and rocket engine propulsion systems industries can also benefit from using Stealthstrip in their production pipeline.


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