Active Chemical Protection System

The Collective Protection System (CPS) is a critical system onboard Navy surface vessels that protects personnel in a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) event. Its primary function is to filter the air entering the critical compartments of the ship and over-pressurize them, preventing penetration of dangerous external contamination into the protected area (zone). CPS consists of fans, M98 CBR filters, heaters, chillers, and air ducts, providing clean and dry air to the MOPP-free compartments. The CPS system on most Navy ships utilizes old technology where fans operate at maximum speed regardless of the ship’s battle posture level. That results in excessive energy from the ship’s power generation system, faster wear of the expensive M98 filters, and utilizing air heaters to their maximum capacity, causing significant energy draw.

Figure’s is providing an advanced automated solution that is more energy efficient and user friendly.


Product Features

  • PLC allows for automated control of fans.
  • Reduction in power consumption via VFDs and active control of fans.
  • HMI integration for fan system.

Technical Specifications

Description Capabilities/Value
Power Requirements Control panels use 120V 10a power supply.
PLC system Control system runs Studio 5000 and standard ladder logic processing.

Product Benefits

  • Automated control of fans and heaters will allow better control of humidity passing though filters extending filter life.
  • Error readouts and HMI provide easy diagnosis of potential faults or system errors.
  • VPDs and automated control of fans provide power savings over currently installed systems.

CPS was designed to retrofit the chemical protection system of older Navy ships.

The Department of Navy provided Figure Engineering with an opportunity to investigate CPS system upgrades, focusing on energy savings, modernizing the system components, interfacing with ships’ machinery and combat systems, and improving predictive maintenance. The Figure completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 base between October 2019 and August 2022. During the current phase (phase 2 option 1), Figure designed, built, and programmed a full-scale control system to control the CPS unit installed at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head, MD. Figure successfully tested the system and introduced several improvements to the CPS design.


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