Tough Chemically Resistant SLA Resin

Resist is a chemically resistant, strong, and durable SLA 3D printing resin with properties similar to non-3D printable CPVC that enables masking in the harsh chemical and physical environments of electroplating and blasting.

Resist is tuned and ready for use in industry leading 3D printing equipment. Resist replaces traditional time-consuming hand-applied lacquers, tapes, and waxes with reliable protection for both simple and complex designs without the need for design changes or new components.


Product Features

  • Chemically resistant to all standard stripping washes.
  • Durable and able to withstand multiple uses.
  • Compatible with standard SLA printers.

Technical Specifications

Description Capabilities/Value
Compatible machines SLA resin printers

Product Benefits

  • Easily and quickly produce resin printed plating masks.
  • Easily integrate into preexisting systems and workflows.
  • Reduces downtime on equipment and chemical baths.

Replace expensive long lead time masks with a printable product that can be produced in under a day.

Specific small parts can have resin masks made for them quickly.


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