Signac™ – Maskless Robotic Paint System

Figure’s Signac technology provides robotic painting without the need for time-consuming masking nor stencils in the aerospace and defense Industry, significantly reducing time and costs, improving productivity, and expanding possibilities for concurrent work.

Signac is being developed in partnership with US Air Force using Aerospace Industry and Military approved paint including 2k paints like MIL-PRF-85285. Signac uses smart realtime controlled droplet deposition that enables precision painting.

Revolutionizing the paint industry one drop at a time

Our technology if named after Paul Victor Jules Signac (seen-YAHK) 18th Century French Neo-Impressionist painter helped develop the artistic technique  – Pointillism – Creating Masterpieces with 1000s of Drops of paint


Product Features

  • Non-spray paint application with precise rapid droplet technology
  • Integrates with mobile platform
  • Compact form for collaborative robots
  • Print area is scalable based on the robot platform
  • Paints with aerospace industry approved MIL-PRF-85285
  • No air supply needed

Technical Specifications

Description Capabilities/Value
Surface Curvature Low to Complex Compound Curvature
Print Features Letter, logos, symbols, stripes, etc.
Letters Legible at ¼” x ¼”
Orientations Horizonal, Vertical, and Upside Down
Speed Currently 25 – 30Hz, Target (100 – 300Hz)
Power requirements 120VAC ; 20amps
Paints 1k, 2k, waterbased, high solids, high viscosity

Product Benefits

  • No Mask. No Stencils.
  • Reduces time and costs for detailed paint operations
  • Improves productivity for production manufacturing and MRO services
  • Enables concurrent work

Figure partners with Fanuc to deliver Signac integrated with Fanuc’s CRX collaborative robots to allow users to maintain a flexible factory floor.

Signac created a hand placed version, Signac Lite, that integrates on a carbon fiber light weight linear gantry stage with pneumatic suction stabilizers. Signac Lite is great for quick jobs on low contour surfaces.


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