Anthony Scruggs
Operations Manager,
Engineering Technician III

Anthony Scruggs

Anthony Scruggs wears many hats here at Figure Engineering. As the Engineering Technician, Mr. Scruggs works intimately across the Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering disciplines, researching and analyzing various Figure technologies. As Operations Manager, Anthony keeps Figure at optimal performance by managing client/vendor relations, while ensuring Figure Engineering is in complete compliance with Government State and Federal policies.

As a retired Navigation Electronics Technician Submariner, Mr. Scruggs brings to the table a priceless insight to the military’s needs, allowing Figure Engineering to adapt to and resolve long standing issues that plague the United States Armed Forces. As a George Mason University alumnus, Anthony envisions a world in which Engineers come together to educate the future of America, encouraging them to dream big and invent even bigger and better. Mr. Scruggs’ “Mission Ready” approach allows his Brothers in Arms to continue to serve in safe environments.

Mr. Scruggs spends his free time tutoring students from K-College, specializing in Chemistry, Algebra, English and Spanish.