Continuous Hazardous Environment Monitor (CHEM™) sensor

Technical Summary

Figure Engineering is developing the CHEM™ sensor, a Continuous Hazardous Environment Monitor. Our current system monitors air quality by sampling the environment, capturing particulate, and determining both elemental composition and concentration in 5 minutes. The CHEM™ sensor will serve the need of the U.S. Air Force as an operator process safety tool. Future capabilities involve rapid airborne pathogen identification to revolutionize environment monitoring efforts for public and occupational safety, U.S. warfighter safety, and first responder diagnostics.

Figure Engineering

Formats, Features, and Applications

  • All formats provide local and wireless analysis data storage
  • All formats provide sample capture for future lab validation

Mounted CHEM System

  • Outlet powered for 24/7 operation
  • Chemical/manufacturing plant air quality monitor
  • Closed-loop ventilation monitor to inform intelligent HVAC response
  • Urban environment monitor for public safety

Portable CHEM System

  • Outlet or battery powered
  • Site-visit evaluation (regulation agencies)
  • First responder/Warfighter airborne hazard identification

Wearable CHEM System

  • Battery powered
  • Process environment monitor for operator safety
  • First responder/Warfighter airborne hazard identification

Potential Customers

  • Defense and Aerospace
    • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities
    • Combat vehicle and portable warfighter systems
  • BioWatch Program, Department of Homeland Security
  • State and local first responders
  • Industrial manufacturing and fabrication plants
  • EPA for Superfund remediation efforts
  • Mineral and raw material processing plants
  • Third party occupational safety audit companies